Female Delusion Calculator is a widely acceptable tool to find out the probability of delusion in women`s dating standards. This tool provides you with a numeric value by analyzing the statistics present in the app. As a woman, I also used this calculator many time to fulfill my desires.

The calculations are done at the female Delusion Calculator by analyzing and matching the data present in the app sourced through different authentic data producers.

Sources of Statistics

The statistical data is extracted from two sources which are the 2022 Annual Social and Economic Supplement(ASES) of the Current Population Survey(CPS). This survey is solely conducted by the Census Bureau of the United States. This data provides information about citizen’s income and marital status. 

Along with this, Height and Body Mass Index BMI is derived from the 2017-18 National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES) which is solely conducted by National Center for  Health Statistics. The survey done in 2019-20 was suspended so the data collected during 2017-18 is still used for extraction of data.

Filtration Option at Female Delusion Calculator

While entering data, you must filter out the input option depending upon the preferences you have in your dating ideals. These excluding options make your dating calculations easier because some preferences cannot be changed due to some cultural and societal norms. Following are the filtration option given below:

  • Excluding Obese
  • Excluding Marriage
  • Race options

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Excluding Obese

This filtration option is specifically made for gym enthusiasts and diet-conscious people who cannot compromise on looks. This filter is based on Body Mass Index(BMI). This obesity filter will remove all the men who have a Body Mass Index of 30 or higher than this. 

BMI can be calculated by dividing body weight by height which is collected under the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES).

Excluding Marriage

Marital Status Information is taken from the Annual Social and Economic Supplement (ASES) of the Current Population Survey(CPS) which tells about the people and separates them into different groups depending upon their present and past relationship status. 

When you tick on the excluded marriage options, you will filter out the first two options of probabilities. 

The marital status in the ASES survey is the following:

  • Married
  • Divorced
  • Widowed
  • Never married/Single
  • Married, Spouse present
  • Married, Spouse Absent


In this connected world, people look forward to getting a partner of their desired race due to some norms. The ASES survey provides you access with 28 races with a combination of two races present in the list. But the calculator will provide you with 4 races which will simplify this task. These four races are given:

  • All Races and Combinations
  • Pure Asian
  • Pure Black
  • Non-Hispanic White

How one reliable result is created by merging data from two different sources having entirely different domains?

The data is collected from ASES and NHANES. In an ideal situation, a single survey should include all the possible details which can be analyzed to generate more results as per the inputs in the calculator but the reality is quite different. The ASES survey lacks Height and Body Mass Index (BMI) details whereas NHANES lack the income and marital status data. 

So data from two different surveys is collected under one roof to accumulate the physical and Financial status of the man. 

The final result you achieve can neither be called accurate nor be considered entirely wrong. Rather if two different searches are conducted then that might lack the level of accuracy and authenticity which is achieved by this model. So make your dating expectations more realistic and less delusional to avoid any disappointment. 

Final Words

Female Delusion Calculator accesses data from two different sources to provide you an accurate and reliable result. You can make alterations by excluding or including certain aspects as per your preferences. But keep that in mind, final number is not the last option, give yourself a chance and reconsider your priorities.